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Hurricane Sandy has left families and business owners with devastating damage throughout New Jersey. Filan and Conner offers a variety of services to help restore plumbing, and Heating & Cooling Systems damaged from the storm. Technicians are standing by to provide quick and effective services. Contact Us today to request our Services and a FREE Quote. 856-667-3334

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We can Help You File a Claim!

We work with all major Insurance Agencies to help you file a claim. We have 20 years experience providing Plumbing and HVAC Services covered by a variety of Insurance policies. To learn more about using our Services thorough your Insurance Provider please Contact Us today: 856-667-3334

Damaged Plumbing

Heavy rain fall caused by Hurricane Sandy has left many homes with backed up septic systems and drains clogged by debris. Filan & Conner offers drain cleaning, sewer repair and septic tank pump services. Our team of professional Plumbers are highly qualified, and prepared to restore your pipes and septic system quickly and effectively. Let us help you during this hard time, and get you one step closer to having your home back in order. Take advantage of our Emergency Plumbing Services today! 856-667-3334

Emergency Plumbing Service


Sump Pump & Batter Back-up Services

Basement flooding due to high volumes of rain and run off water can cause extensive damage to your home. Without the proper preventative equipment a basement will continue to flood. If you experienced basement flooding during Hurricane Sandy investing in a Sump Pump system and battery back-up will help ensure you do not run into devastating basement flooding during harsh weather conditions in the future.

Heavy rainfall and flooding is often paired with power outages. Pairing your new Sump Pump with a 12 Volt battery back-up will support the sump pump in the event that your power goes out, continuing to keep your basement free of flooding throughout the worst part of the storm. To learn more about our Sump Pump and Battery Back-Up services Contact Us today, or request a FREE Quote. 856-667-3334

Cherry Hill Sump Pump Installation

Flooded Heater

Getting water in your basement often results in flooded heaters. Water damage to a boiler or furnace can leave homeowners and their families without heat and in need of professional assistance. Filan & Conner offers expert HVAC restoration services, including flooded heater repair and replacement. If you have a flooded heater please do NOT attempt to fix the unit yourself or turn it on once the water has receded. Flooded heaters can be extremely dangerous, and should only be handled by HVAC professionals. Contact Us today for Flooded Heater Services in New Jersey, 856-667-3334

The services required for a flooded heater depends on the extent of water damage and whether the flood water is fresh, or salt water. Salt water often causes more extensive, longer lasting damage to heater wiring and components. Contact Us today to schedule an assessment of your heater, so we can provide you with the necessary repair or replacement services. If the flooded heater is damaged beyond repair Filan & Conner will work with you to find the best replacement option. 

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