HVAC Service Agreement - Cooling Services

Filan & Conner Plumbing LLC offers an HVAC Service Agreement for any customer interested in our HVAC services. The HVAC Service Agreement is designed to save the customer money, provide safety to homeowners and their properties, and keep their equipment running properly.

For a flat annual rate, Service Agreement Customers will receive automatic, periodic inspection, lubrication, adjustment and cleaning of their HVAC equipment. Keeping up with these periodic maintenance procedures keeps HVAC equipment running at peak, and potential problems are spotted before they can cause trouble that may result in high priced repairs or replacements. 

Our trained HVAC technicians are a competent and dependable staff of experts that will perform service on your home's equipment whenever necessary. Our HVAC technicians are trained and certified by leading manufacturers. 


Benefits of the Filan & Conner HVAC Service Agreement

Preferred Treatment

Service Agreement Customers are given Preferred Treatment. Should one of our Service Agreement Customers have a problem or need emergency services, Service Agreement Customers come first. We value your dedication as a Service Agreement customer, so we in turn dedicate our time and services to you first. 

Budget Control

The fixed, flat annual cost for the HVAC Service Agreement allows for budgeting in advance for HVAC maintenance, service, labor and parts.One charge, no hidden expense

Extended Product Life

The HVAC Service Agreement provides regular maintenance and service on your heating and cooling systems. It is a known fact that regularly maintaining mechanical equipment prolongs its life, and keeps equipment running at maximum efficiency. 

Customer Safety

Periodic maintenance insures all HVAC units are running properly and safely, keeping you and your family safe and comfortable. 


Our HVAC Service Agreement has so much to offer the customer, including a FREE Plumbing Inspection! Upon purchasing your annual HVAC Service Agreement you are issued one Free Plumbing Inspection that covers the following:

- Inspect Hot Water Heater                                                        - Inspect all Visible Water Lines

- Inspect all Visible Drain Lines                                                - Check Water Pressure/ PVR

- Inspect all Faucets                                                                    - Inspect Gas Lines

- Pressure Test Expansion Tank                                              - Inspect all Tub & Shower Valves

- Inspect all Water Spigots                                                         - Inspect Safety of System

- Inspect Operation of Sump Pump                                          - Inspect Water & Drain Lines for Wash Machine


Our highly trained staff of experts know their business. Feel at ease knowing Filan and Conner has made major investments in training, tools, radios, trucks and computers to assure our Service Agreement Customers receive prompt and efficient service at minimum cost. 

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