Frequently Asked Questions

If you're having a problem with your plumbing we might have the answer for you right here! We know the common problems many homeowners face with plumbing, and have compiled a list of frequently asked questions and answers to help! Need to know more? Filan & Conner encourages you to contact our office so we may further assist you. Contact Us - 856.667.3334

Drains & Pipelines 


Q: My kitchen sink drains much slower than in the past, how can this be fixed?


Q: Despite use of clog remover products and over 100 ft of cable line my sewer is still clogged. What is my next step?

A: Using video pipe inspection will allow the technician to see exactly what is inhibiting your pipes from becoming unclogged. This video inspection service is quick, and leaves room for little error. You too will be able to see the insides of your plumbing, all the footage is shared with the homeowner. 

Q: What causes my pipes to rattle? 


Using Store Bought Drain Cleaner


Q: Does store bought drain cleaner really work?


Q: Does the use of store bought drain cleaner damage my plumbing?


Q: What are my alternatives to store bought drain cleaner?


Faucets & Shower Heads


Water Pressure

Water Heater

Septic Tanks

Plumbing Winterization 

Water Discoloration, Residue or Odor

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